Timber Piles Surrey

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Get Quality Timber Piles Foundation Work in Surrey

Located to the South of Fraser River, Surrey is a city of British Columbia and lies to the north of the US-Canada border. Timber piles are largely used to strengthen the foundation of a structure and support the weight. When not subjected to alternative dry and wet conditions, Timber Piles in Surrey can last for years and even centuries. It is the varying climatic conditions that cause the wood to rot and get infected.

Timber piles made from Khair wood are best suited for seawater constructions. Hence, these are the most preferred option when driving foundation piles for marine works.

Why Choose Torque and Hammer Company

With many years of experience in Timber Piles for Foundation Work in Surrey, we have worked on numerous projects. The size, volume, and requirements of each project have been varied, providing us with an all-round expertise in the job. We can successfully complete the job as per the schedule provided by the engineers. Our services are cost-effective and affordable.

Timber piles are economical and reliable options for constructions in the countryside. Moreover, it takes less time to drive them into the ground.

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