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Timber Piles Foundation in Richmond- Choose the Best

Richmond is a coastal city in the province of British Columbia, Canada. The place is known for its Asian influences in various ways. The city has many historic structures and has a strong cultural and arts backdrop. Timber piles are widely used to build structures in the city.

Torque and Hammer Piles Driving Ltd has been providing services for Timber Piles in Richmond for years. Our specialists have been a part of various projects with varying requirements. In locations where piles are subjected to unusual lateral forces, timber piles are used to withstand the pressure and sustain the weight of the structure.

Use Timber Piles Foundation

There are many reasons to use Timber Piles for Foundation Work in Richmond.

  • Timber piles can hold very well in wet soil.
  • Compared to other materials for piles, timber is the cheapest.
  • Though timber is not suitable for deep foundation structures, it is perfect for seawater/ underwater foundations and is often used for the same.
  • Driving timber piles doesn’t need heavy machinery or constant supervision.

Torque and Hammer offers the best services of timber piles foundation. Call us today and get a quote.