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Timber Piles for Foundation Work

Choose Torque and Hammer For Timber Piles Foundation in Delta

As the name suggests, Delta is surrounded by Fraser River, the US border, Richmond, and Surrey on each side respectively. It has rich and fertile soil, making it a major agricultural hub in the region. A typical countryside, Delta has many structures and buildings with timber piles foundation to suit the nature of the soil.

Torque and Hammer Piles Driving Ltd has years of experience in providing services for Timber Piles in Delta. Our professionals know their job thoroughly and have been a part of numerous projects throughout Canada. We aim to complete the job within the schedule.

More About Timber Piles

It is best to use Timber Piles for Foundation Work in Delta to build structures in wet soil.

  • The timber is seasoned wood taken from trees like Deodar, Babul, Khair, Sal, etc.
  • Timer piles from the Khair tree are used to withstand seawater currents and are best suited for marine works.
  • Groundwater levels also play a role in deciding the life of timber piles.
  • Timber piles are not suitable for hard or filled-up soil.

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