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Timber Piles

Use Timber Piles for Foundation Work in Coquitlam

Located in Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Coquitlam is the sixth-largest city in the province. Timber piles are widely used in constructing various new structures and restoring the older ones to support the weakening foundation.

Torque and Hammer Piles Driving Ltd is a well-known company providing Timber Piles for Foundation Work in Coquitlam for years. We choose the best suitable timber piles for the construction based on the size of the structure and location at which it is being built. We believe that any structure which has our contribution should stand the test of the time.

Know More About Timber Piles

Using Timber Piles in Coquitlam is an economical and time-saving option. The piles can be square or circular in shape. One end of the piles is shaped into a sharp cone so that they can be driven into the ground using a drop hammer. The sharp end has a shoe made of cast iron to protect it from insects.

The piles should be spaced at about 60 cm from each other to balance the frictional resistance. Timber piles cannot take a weight of more than 20 tons.

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