Timber Piles Burnaby

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Timber Piles Construction

Reputed Time Piles Contractors in Burnaby

Located to the east of Vancouver, Burnaby is the third-largest city in British Columbia, Canada. Timber piles provide good support to the foundation of a structure. Strong trunks of seasoned wood are driven into the ground to act as a support system at the base. The bottom ends of Timber Piles in Burnaby are cut into a sharp conical shape so that they can easily be hammered. A shoe or coat made of cast iron is fitted to the end for better results. The timber piles can be either circular or square in shape, depending on the structure that will be built on them.

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We are one of the top pile driving contractors in the country. Our years of expertise have enabled us to provide quality Timber Piles for Foundation Work in Burnaby. We do our best to complete the task within the stipulated time.

Timber piles are usually made from trees like Sal, Khair, deodar, babul, teak, etc. The wood is seasoned to perfection to prevent mold or infection that could weaken the foundation and cause the structure to collapse.

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