Helical Piles White Rock

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Piling Foundations- Use Screw Piles in White Rock

Also known as helical piles, helix anchors, torque anchors, auger screw piles, etc., the main job of screw piles is to support the foundation of a building by adding strength at the base. When galvanized steel with helical lead sections is fitted into the ground, it provides the much-needed support to a structure.

Choose Torque and Hammer

With years of experience, we are one of the leading Helical Pile Contractors in White Rock. Our specialists will analyze the soil conditions and determine the number of screw piles that need to be installed in the foundation. We finish our job on time and assure the best services.

Why do you Need Screw Piles in White Rock?

The changing demographic conditions have impacted the environment to a greater extent. Soil is losing its strength, resulting in structural damages, to new and older buildings. To avoid such issues, Screw Piles in White Rock are used to strengthen the foundation so that they can carry the weight of the building.

Being a cost-effective and time-saving solution, helicalpilesWhite Rock has become famous and is being adopted by most people when constructing new buildings or renovating older ones.