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helical piles surrey

Well-known Helical Pile Contractors in Surrey

Surrey is the second-largest populated city after Vancouver in British Columbia. It is also an affordable city, filled with beautiful buildings, forests, beaches, and golf courses. Many buildings built in recent times have helical piles or screw piles as the foundation to support the structures.

Screw Piles in Surrey- Contact Torque and Hammer

For the greater load-carrying capacity to hold the buildings better, Screw Piles in Surrey are used to support the foundation. Torque and Hammer is a famous pile driving company in Canada. We have been installing helicalpilesSurrey for both new constructions and older buildings.

Reasons to Use Helical Piles:

  • There are no hidden costs when using helical piles or helical anchors. You pay only for what you use and the services provided.
  • Almost no concrete is required to screw helical piles into the ground.
  • More extensions can be added to the foundation at a later stage if required.
  • Helical piles do not impact the environment as other construction materials do.
  • This is one of the quickest methods of piling installation, without compromising on the quality.

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