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helical piles langley

Screw Piles Contractors in Langley

Screw piles, helical piles, auger screw piles, etc. can be created and installed at a construction site in very less time. Galvanized steel with helical lead sections is fixed (or screwed) into the ground until the tip touches a hard point. These are layered as per the requirement to support a building.

Torque and Hammer Pile Driving Ltd

We are an experienced Helical Pile Contractors in Langley in Canada, providing reliable and quality services to the clients. We assess the number of screw piles that need to be installed based on the size of the building, the quality of the soil, and the budget of the client.

Where are Helical Piles Used?

Screw Piles in Langley are used at various construction and renovation sites. When older buildings need extra support at the foundation, helical piles are installed to bear the load of the structure and increase its life span. Screw piles are used for the underpinning of buildings.

HelicalpilesLangley act as soil anchors, exerting and compression tension in the layers to provide the required resistance to carry the weight of the building.

Helical piles are used to build residential, commercial, and landmark buildings, bridges, boardwalks, etc.