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helical piles coquitlam

Reputed Helical Pile Contractors in Coquitlam

Helical piles are easy to use foundation screws, which cause very little environmental impact. The ground doesn’t have to be dug to lay deep foundations for buildings. By using screw piles or helical piles, the soil is not disturbed much as these are installed in a way similar to fixing a screw in the wood.

We are Torque and Hammer Pile Diving Ltd

We are one of the famous Helical Pile Contractors in Coquitlam, Canada. Our specialists have been installing helical piles at various construction and renovation sites. We first analyze the soil strength to determine the number of piles that will need to be installed to carry the building.

Benefits of Screw Piles in Coquitlam

The foundation is a crucial part of any building. To ensure that the foundation is stable, strong, and durable, Screw Piles in Coquitlam are used. Being cheaper than a traditional concrete foundation, many people prefer to use helical piles. Moreover, when the soil is loose or there are too many buildings nearby, using helical piles will keep the soil intact and reduce the impact on other buildings as well.

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