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Helical Piles

Lay Foundation with Screw Piles in Burnaby

Screw piles are being used for decades to strengthen the foundation of buildings. During the last few years, the use of screw piles or helical piles has increased to accommodate the growing construction needs and changes in soil strength. Helical piles are commonly used in Canada to repair existing buildings and construct new ones.

Why Torque and Hammer Pile Driving Ltd

We are a well-known pile driving company in Canada. Our specialists have years of experience in installing the best Screw Piles in Burnaby. We assess the strength of the soil and install the required number of helical piles or anchors to support the buildings for a cost-effective price.

Advantages of Using Helical Piles

Quality is the first word that comes to the mind when we talk about helicalpilesBurnaby. Galvanized steel rods are fitted with helical lead sections that are screwed into the earth to support the foundation of a building. The helical piles can be fitted without using concrete. In crowded areas, using helical piles to lay the foundation will not disturb the soil, thereby ensuring that the nearby buildings are safe.

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